Congratulations you can watch first trailer for Winter Stories (afghan film in English)

Film Name : Winter Stories
Film Tag : The Charm of Horror Only Tempts The Strong
Director : Toofan Khan Rahime (director)
Writer : Toofan Khan Rahime (writer)
Film Length : TBA
Language : English and English subtitles for Non english clips
Country : New Zealand
Our Classification : R18 - contains low level violence and reality based horror scenes

Plot / Synopsis :
Winter stories is set in central Auckland, where a media contractor (Temor Bakhshi) hires a media researcher (Toofan Khan Rahime) to carry some investigative projects to research PARANORMAL. During his research starting from New Zealand and going arround the world , he manages to film some outstanding horrific scenes to prove the existence of paranormal powers.
But the truth is not just the investigation for paranormal, there is something more to it .. what is it ?
The truth is yet to be found in this non stop suspence, thrill, horror movie !!

The Makers say ! :
Winter stories is not only my first full length production, but it is also the first Afghan horror film in English, before we started filming and pitching our ideas we came to a conclusion not to use any budget in this film that is why we call it a NO BUDGET film, I came up with the story after some friends and users sent us thier footages, My first film production was the short mobile film called " The Chase " trilogy which was a mockery of the Indian movies, now moving on this is my first serious production. As a student of BA Performing and Screening Art student, starting this year .. I think this would be my desired first step, also being inspired by director and writers such as RGV horror and suspence has always been my favourite theme .. this is something I enjoyed making and I hope you all will enjoy watching it !!
                                                                                                    Toofan Khan Rahimi

First trailer for winter Stories.. Watch and send comments

Name: Aryan
 it looks intersting movie where can i buy it

Name: Khatira
Country: Canada
Umm It Sounds Gr8 but please can you tell us when it will be complete.. and we can watch the full movie`?

Name: Arzoo
Country: Holand
umm this is afghani film but in english, Please give us information about the people who work in this film. who is the actor and actress and all. and also if you can tell us the it is a private company who is making this or a doner?

Name: Toofan Khan Rahime
Country NewZealand
 Hello all,
thanks for the comments and interest !
To Aryan !
this won't be available for sale as we are using material provided by other users and respecting their ownership (music and footages) we are planning to sell the making of this movie on DVD if the movie is a success just to help us with donation to our next film !
It will be available on official site once released!


To khatira !
It will be completed by mid february (Inshallah) and the movie will be available for stream on few websites, and might stream it from this page if technically possible


To Arzoo !
yeh this is in English because we aim to produce it for broader audience, we never got enough support from Afghans on our productions but our main aim is to share our winter story to many people as possible

there is limited actors as movie is mostly running arround footages provided by third parties .. there is three main actors .
Me - Toofan Khan Rahime
Temor Bakhshi -
and Salman Ahmad
we are all students from New Zealand,
I wrote the story and I am also directing and editing this movie ...
It's private company (WiseMan Productions) more like home video but on proffesional level and with a solid story !

thanks for all those who read through it I hope you all enjoy it once it's out !
do leave comments and show us what you think

Name: noor
Country: pak
 toofan jan as i think it will be a very nyc movie and ma best wishes wit u and u r team keep going on............


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